Grade 6


DL6.3 Intro to Vertebrates

Lesson is delivered after students have learned about the characteristics of Invertebrates and is designed to teach them about the 5 classifications of Vertebrates.

Lesson Plan

PowerPoint & Game

Assignment Sheet

This Lesson later developed into a two part lesson where I had students make a poster that featured an animal. In addition to pictures, the students had to indicate which classification the animal belonged to and why it belonged in that classification. The assignment sheet and rubric are posted below.

Assignment and Rubric


English Language Arts

CR6.1 Creative Writing (Peace)

This was a creative writing lesson on the theme of peace. Students looked at photos in groups and had discussions about what was going on in the pictures and what the people were feeling, then individually wrote a poem, story, or character sketch. They then shared their writings with their group members. I had about 15 minutes of extra time at the end so I decided to get each group to make a presentation. 1 person would talk about what their group though was going on in their photo. 1 person would talk about how the people in the picture were feeling and what they wanted. 2 students would then share what they had done for creative writing. The end part ended up being my favourite part of the whole lesson.

Lesson Plan

Assignment Sheet

Photos About Peace 



N6.2 Mental Math Friendly Numbers

This lesson is about a strategy I taught about multiplication called “Friendly Numbers” where you alter a question to use a factor of 5 or less, and then simply add the difference back on after.

Lesson Plan

Assignment Sheet


Physical Education

PE6.5 Volleyball Dodgeball

A lesson on developing skill related components of fitness through sending and receiving, most relating to volleyball skills.



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