Back to the eyes

After a few weeks of following various eye tutorials, I wanted to see how I did when approaching the subject free hand. I still took a tutorial approach here where I consulted some tips to keep in mind when drawing realistic eyes.

“The eyes are thicker than one might think. Try to visualize the eyelids as a pair of lips” is one such tip. And not making eyelids thick enough is definitely a mistake I’ve made before. As I said at the beginning of the project, a lot of my drawings come out more cartoonish, and this kind of stuff is why. I’m pretty pleased with the results and feel like this little piece of understanding is bringing me a little closer to drawing more realistically.

First I drew an eyeball with the lines around it. I’m starting to see this as pretty essential to drawing objects that look like they make sense proportionally. After that I copied the eye and then started to draw the lid around it.





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