Reflection on Semester 5 Pre Internship

The first 8 weeks of pre-internship have finished, and though I’m sad that it’s over, I’m also really looking forward to being with them for 3 weeks in a row next semester. Pre-Internship has definitely been the bright spot of this semester, since I finally got to put into practice all the theory we’ve been learning. It’s been a huge delight to work with the students and staff at Palliser Heights. My grade 6 class has been the perfect group to get my teaching barings with. I’ve learned a lot from this experience, and it has helped me get a way deeper understanding of what it means to teach. 1st, I’ve learned that one of the most effective strategies for classroom management are to give good concise instructions. This really helps to reduce what I think is the number one cause of off-task behaviour, confusion. I think the 2nd thing I learned is how much work bringing students content. I think I learned this more from conversations from my co-op as she told me about her first few years of teaching, and adjusting to new curriculums throughout the years. She told me how

My goals for this placement were to pick up some classroom management strategies. I had a few ups and downs, but I think I came a long way from the first week to the 8th week. Half way through the eight weeks I started to feel pretty confident that I could keep the class engaged and focused on what needed to be done. I also wanted to improve my lesson planning. We had just started doing lesson plans this year so I knew it was something that I was going to have to refine a lot. My co-op was very encouraging and let me have freedom to try stuff out. She didn’t try and make me do things her way, and consistently expressed that she was impressed with the direction I had taken my lessons. My third goal was to build a relationship with the staff at the school. I feel like I cheated on this one because I ended up getting placed in a school that I had substituted at as an educational assistant, so I had already worked with about a dozen of the teachers and EAs. Feeling like I fit in with the staff ended up being an easy task.

Some of my goals for next semester are as follows:

  1. Integrate more Treaty Ed. I’ve already had conversations with my Co-op about this and she said she would love it if I brought more Treaty Ed into the classroom. She also suggested I work with Claire Kreuger, who works at this school to develop something appropriate.
  2. Do more with Technology. There’s very limited technology in this classroom so I’ve stayed away from it. I’d like to see if there’s any reservable laptop or ipad carts. We’ve seen a lot of really good tech presentations this semester and I’d love to integrate some of what we’ve learned into my lessons.
  3. Integrate more Inquiry. I haven’t done a whole lot with inquiry yet, but it’s something I believe in, and something I want to learn more about. My Co-op feels the same way about it so hopefully when the next placement comes around we can work together to try and implement it some how.

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