Crabapple Inquiry


In ECS 301 we got to learn about a really cool inquiry project that some UofR interns were doing at their school. Basically they and their grade 8’s came up with a plan to take all the excess crab apples that were growing all over the neighbourhood and turn it into jelly. They would put the jelly in jars and market and sell the jelly to fundraise money for some community charities. I think this is one of the coolest class projects I’ve seen because it’s a very holistic approach to teaching outcomes from across various subjects. It is also great team building, teaches citizenship, and the students learn some cool skills in the process! Not to mention the awesome connection the school would make with the community.



The picture above details what we as a class thought might be the break down of this project. It’s a little bit daunting to see how much planning goes into it. I would love to do something like this, but I can’t imagine trying to get it together by myself. It would probably be much easier just to do regular lesson plans but I think the pay-off for students would be much greater.


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