Week 3: Physical Education

My third week of pre internship was a pretty fun experience. I continued my lesson from the week before on the principles of graphic design. This was for grade 7/8 Arts Ed, and it was a work period for them to complete the project I assigned them the week prior. It was cool to circulate and looks at all the things they were designing. I got to have some good conversations with them to get to know them better and I also was able to work on my questioning skills as they showed me the rough drafts for their posters. I feel like the questions were effective because I found a lot of the students would end up asking questions right back. I originally planned for this project to take up two double periods but only 2 students finished their posters by the end of last day, so I underestimated how long it would take the students to finish the project. Gaining an understanding of how much time things take has be sort of a theme for me this year, which I’m sure is a learning curve for anyone who’s getting their first hands on experience in the classroom. My co-op teacher suggested giving them next double to finish it, and if it’s not finished by then they will have it for homework.

For my lesson this week I taught Grade 6 Physical Education. I’ve grown fairly comfortable with the class I’m teaching but was a little bit nervous to teach Phys Ed because it usually demands a whole other level of classroom management. I was also nervous because the activities I planned were rather complex, but I was confident that if my instruction was effective then the students should be able to pull it off. They did just fine with it. They were excitable at first and there were a few turns where the group needed to wait until everyone was ready to listen, but as the class progressed they got much better with it. I was able to get through my entire lesson plan despite it being a very short period and not being able to spend as much time on each activity as I imagined I would. The PE teacher gave some very encouraging feedback and also pointed out that my activities hit a few outcomes aside from the one I was focusing on.

Even though all my lessons have gone pretty well so far, I’m constantly seeing little things that I could tweak to make the delivery even better. Things like forecasting the appropriate amount of time needed to get through a lesson and making sure to think through all of my instruction more to reduce the possibility of confusion by the students.

You can view my PE 6.5 Volleyball Dodgeball lesson plan here for a more thorough look at what we did.


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