Week 2: Gr 7/8 Graphic Design

I’m only on the 2nd day of placement but I’ve already learned so much and have been so encouraged by my experience with this awesome school. Today I got to deliver an Arts Ed lesson to my Co-op’s 7/8 class. I normally work with her grade 6’s but she also teaches a few Arts Ed classes so this gave me the opportunity to work with the older kids as well. I really loved today because I got to teach in an area that I actually have a certain level of expertise and passion for: Graphic Design. I taught them the principles of visual communication as part of outcome CP7.11 and gave them the opportunity to put what they learned into practice by designing a poster for an upcoming local event! The students were really receptive to it, and actually got quite excited for the assignment and started to make some really cool stuff! My Co-op also gave a lot of good feedback and even asked that I email her the teaching materials I made so that she could use them in the future. On top of that they were really well-behaved and an overall delight to work with.

Aside from the student’s cooperative attitude, one of the things that I think helped make the lesson run so smooth was the simplicity of it. My instruction time was fairly succinct but also I also constantly asked students questions about what they noticed about the concepts I was teaching. This kept the whole class engaged, so that by the time we came to the activity phase of the lesson they were ready to apply what they learned. I was expecting the students to be less attentive so I had the instructions for the assignment communicated in a few different ways so that no one would feel lost and be off task before they even got on.

The rest of the day was pretty good. I got to have a lot of good conversation with my Co-op during her prep, and I’ve been learning a lot from her during these conversations. I’ve been trying to be really intentional about asking whatever question that pops into my head while I’m at my placement. I find when I do the answers the teachers give are a lot more valuable then I expected. It’s been quite helpful in supplementing the knowledge learned from my courses since the teachers are able describe how they work through certain challenges within the education system, and also give practical advise as to what things work really well and don’t work in the classroom.

You can view my CP7.11 Principles of Graphic Design lesson plan, powerpoint, assignment sheet, and rubric here.

UPDATE: There are more details about this lesson in more recent blog posts with the “Pre-Internship” tag. The students did really well with their assignments so I thought I would post some of the results. The first three posters here are posters that went beyond expectations in meeting the outcome by adding an assortment of colors, lights and darks, fonts, and purposeful spacing and grouping of elements. The last two are examples of a few students who aren’t quite there yet. Their posters lack some of the elements needed to be an eye catching poster and don’t communicate their message as effectively as they should.

IMG_7042 IMG_7043  IMG_7041IMG_7038IMG_7037


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Gr 7/8 Graphic Design

  1. Cameron,
    It sounds like you had an awesome day! I would also like to check out the materials for your graphic design lesson as I know you are strong in this field. I think it would be interesting to have a look at, and see the instructions that you gave. It is also nice that you got the opportunity to work with the different age groups. Is there anything in your lesson that you would do differently?

    • Thanks Tammy! I can send you the same stuff I’ll send my Co-op once I get it formatted properly. For the 7/8 class there really isn’t much I would change but my Co-op and I talked about how I would adapt the lesson if it was for her grade 6’s instead. There is four principles of Graphic Design and I think i would need to give a mini assignment for each principle before moving onto the next one such as getting them apply the principle to the sketching of their name. This would help wrap their head around each principle a lot more effectively as opposed to talking all about all four at once and expecting them to apply all four in one big project.

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