Week 1: Pre-Internship

For my Pre-internship, I got placed at Palliser Heights in Moose Jaw. I was fortunate enough to get placed in a grade 6 class with an awesome Co-op. I’ve already subbed at this school as an educational assistant so most of the staff were already familiar with me and were excited to have me back in this new capacity. My Co-op explained to me that her class this year has been a delight so far, which made me more optimistic that I would be able to do well with this placement.
My Co-op had a double prep first thing in the morning so that gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other. I was able to pick her brain on a few things and we also decided that I would try my hand at teaching Arts Ed the next week. After her double prep she taught arts ed to the grade 7/8s. I didn’t really get to meet the actual grade 6 class that I was teaching until after lunch since they were in Band and French all morning. I played the picnic game with them so we could get to know each other and so that I could start to get a handle on their names. My co-op had asked me before hand if I would be interested in leading them in a mental math game as well, so I got them to play a speed-dating version of war with a focus on multiplication. The kids did fairly well at it and had a lot of fun. They got a little bit noisy at a few points which my Co-op used to coach me in some discipline strategies to help them be more quiet.

I have a lot of experience working with this age group, but not in quite the same capacity. Classroom management is one of the things I really want to learn a lot about from this teacher. I think I’m pretty good at knowing when discipline needs to happen, but I’m not always sure what consequences are appropriate, so I’m thankful that she’s willing to coach on discipline.

Overall it was an amazing first day and I feel like I’m actually going to be spoiled by how good the class is and how awesome the co-op teacher is.


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