Goals for Pre-Internship

Pre-Internship is coming up and I’m getting really excited to finally put all the theory we’ve been learning into practice! I’ve heard awesome things about my Co-op teacher, and she says her class this year is a delight! Since this will be my first experience teaching in a legitimate classroom I have a few things in mind that I know I’d like to get out of this learning experience.

Classroom Management
I’ve spent a lot of time working with kids however not quite in this capacity where I’ve been responsible for students behaviour. I want to work on asserting myself at the beginning so that I’m not struggling later. The best chance we can give our students to meet expectations is right at the beginning. I think a big part of this is making instruction effective so that chances of not knowing expectations is reduced and therefore the need for discipline is reduced.

Building solid lesson plans
I really want to refine the craft of lesson planning. I want to do lessons that are creative, dynamic but also manageable and reasonable, and most of all effective. I know this is something that can take a lot of trial and error, and I’m hoping to get a good understanding of it from my co-op teacher. We’ve spent a lot of time learning the theory behind multiple intelligences and differentiation but I’m eager to see how that plays out in the live classroom.

Build a rapport with other school staff.
I think I’m a natural at building relationships with students. Relationships with co-workers don’t seem to come as naturally to me though. I can see how they can be beneficial, and I think it’s important to build a support network. While chances are low that I will end up working at this school, I think it would still be valuable for me to learn how to invest in that kind of network.


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