3 kinds of Teachers

The first chapter of Kumashiro’s “Against Common Sense” thoughtfully sorts out 3 types of teachers that education programs try to produce. Teacher Researchers, Teacher Practitioners, and Teacher Professionals. I personally find it quite difficult to pin point how the University of Regina conforms to just one of these patterns because I have seen elements in all of the three. If I had to pick on however I would probably pick Teacher Practitioner. Kumashiro outlines the Practitioner as someone who is concerned about the students and how they learn and how they develop their identity. Our program has such a strong focus on social justice and inequality, and through this focus I believe that we are being taught a high level of awareness that will help us to create a learning environment that tries to create opportunities for our students to learn who they want to be. We are taught to pinpoint things within the curriculum or within the norms of society that deal advantages to some students and disadvantages to others, and to identify spaces of oppression that may hinder a child’s learning.¬†

Kumashiro also talks about knowing what we’re teaching and how to teach it. Our program is revered because of the high volume of practical experience we get through our program, where we go into the schools and community and really get our hands dirty with all the realities of what education is really like. The theoretical stuff we learn in class is important, and feel we learn it in such a way that we are challenged to put it into practice immediately.


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